We have moved to Istanbul!

April 6, 2014 • Arash Zad

Istanbul is a ​big modern city with a great history. The growing economy of Turkey and the ease of global commerce and business lead us to plan moving our base here months ago. Now we are happy to announce that this new journey has begun and henceforth Zigzaglab will continue its activities from this lovely and beautiful city.

We have many plans for the upcoming months: most importantly our team is going to expand and attract new talents. Zigzaglab will still focus on providing different services for the Iranians, but with fewer limitations and more possibilities. Being in Istanbul also gives us the opportunity to connect to other start-ups and teams in Turkey, share what we know and enter new markets.

Nowruz (Persian New Year) is finished and we resume our activities in new ways. This week Zigzaglab will open "Jobs" section to announce the job openings, hoping to find the right talented professionals for the team's current and future projects. With these improvements and changes, we are and will be dedicated to deliver better services in Iran as well as Turkey.

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