Node.js Engineer (Backend)

We are looking for a NodeJS engineer with experience in building high-performing, scalable, cloud-based applications that can support hundreds of thousands of users, millions of transactions.
We are building a startup and we are dedicated to creating leading-edge media monitoring solutions.

What You Will Be Doing:

  • -Write well-structured/architected code in Node.js in a Test Driven Development environment
  • -Adhere to best practices to ensure optimized performance and maintainable code both in the application code and database
  • -Manage all of the database changes between the different environments (i.e., Development, Testing, Staging and Production) by making sure that all of the structural changes (i.e., adding/removing collections & indexes) and data changes (i.e., create, update, delete) are pushed up to the next environment
  • -Work with Microsoft Azure VMs (IaaS)
  • -Work in conjunction with the front-end team


  • -At least 3 years of experience working on backend databases AND writing middle-tier code
  • -At least 1 year of experience with MongoDB
  • -The ability to write well-structured/architected code in Node.js
  • -Ability to quickly learn and understand complex APIs - REST, streaming, webhooks
  • -Enjoy creating documention and aiding others understand and navigate through issues
  • -Familiarity with Twitter API
  • -API design history experience
  • -Familiarity with Azure VMs

Other Requirements:

  • -You know when to ask more questions and where to look for answers
  • -You understand the advantages of working remotely, and have a good internet connection and some quiet space to video chat or share your screen to do some pair programming.
  • -Essential Knowledge and Experience
  • -Passion for creating great products and solving unique problems
  • -Ability to work remotely with the team on a full-time or part-time basis
  • -Commitment and autonomy
  • -Eager to learn new skills

Salary and Benefits:

  • -Monthly salary (based on your experience)
  • -Full coverage of Internet-related expenses
  • -Defining your work schedule
  • -Working from wherever you like!

If you fit this description, reach out with your 2-3 best accomplishments and tell us a story about your ambition and how working with us will help you achieve it.
This is a full-time, fully remote, 8h/day, 40h/week, 160h/month offer.

Have what it takes? Send your resume and cover letter (In English/Farsi/Turkish) to: jobs@zigzaglab.com

About Zigzag Lab

Zigzag Lab is a creative company built to do things better. We are focused on making innovating online products and services for Iranian users. As a private company, we only launch projects we are excited about. Our team try to do 'something else', by creating wow effects. We also help small - medium sized business to develop strong web products. But most importantly we help them behave in the most interesting ways.
Our teams are self organized and small (2-3 people) and are given the freedom to solve problems as they see fit as long as they understand that they own the software they create.